(Insert 4 year time warp here)

Hello my friends!  Where has the time gone?!  I’m so happy to be back!

Check out that new branding up there!!  Pretty amazing, right?!?!  It was done by the amazingly talented Anne Quade of Quade Consulting.  If you need a re-branding SHE is the go to lady!  She’s very intuitive of what you want and a dream to work with!  She put together that logo for me and it perfectly “describes” my brand to a T!  I’ve worked with her for over ten years or so and have complete faith in her.  She always goes above and beyond!  Check her out if you need anything :)

It’s been four years since I’ve used my blog as a place to share real life furniture redo’s, room make-overs, and my life.  They say if you love something it will always come back to you, or something like that.  Well, I LOVE home decor and furniture rehabs so I’m diving back in feet first!  I hope you will follow along with me on this journey and see where it leads us.  I promise you’ll see a lot of great home ideas and how to’s this year.


Now for me personally, I am in a rental now and have to be conscious of what I can and cannot do to my place.  Oh well, it’s ok with me, because I love my little duplex and want to make it a nice home for me and my boyfriend, Chris.  Right now I’ve started in the kitchen but only gotten some paint on the wall.  It took me three tries, but I found a gorgeous color from Benjamin Moore at Spectrum Paint called “November Rain”.  Check it out peeps!


BM November Rain

Is that not gorgeous?!?!  I sure think so, it’s a perfect greige (grey and beige combo) and dries darker on the wall.  So that is all I’ve done so far.  Wanna see it on my wall?

2016-04-06 15.04.53

Pardon my awful cell phone photo. I’m way out of practice with the “big girl” camera. ;) That’s about all I can reach for now. Chris will have to do the top and I’ll get that bottom done too.  Teamwork!!!  Oh and that’s my amazingly sweet and lovey kitty cat, Jinx, there on the table “helping” me paint.  You’ll see more of him and our bulldog, Archie, in the future.

Ok so in the past I’ve talked about my home goals a lot, and I plan on doing the same thing now. Having home goals makes me consider how I want rooms to work for me and how I want them to feel.  FEEL?  Yes, I want my rooms to evoke a feeling when I enter them.  Welcoming is how I want all my rooms to feel basically..  of course, I want the bedroom to feel restful as well, and the kitchen to feel farmhouse-y lol  I just made up a word, did ya see what I did there? ;)

So there is what I’m thinking now.  I’ll be showing great before and afters of furniture re-dos, resources for doing it yourself on furniture and home decor, sharing product reviews, progress on our little home and much more. :)   I’m so excited for this new phase in my life!

Here is a post you can check out for some of my “afters” done previously.  They weren’t “how to” posts, and there aren’t before photos either, just my finished result. They are all favs of mine!

If this is your first time, I’ll be writing an in depth “about me” post soon. I am thrilled you found me and hope you keep coming back!

Big hugs!


I’m in my mid 40’s, mom to one grown daughter, Katelyn, and a grandson, Dawson. He is the light of my life!! I am with the man of my dreams and he spoils me, as well as helping along with the furniture when I need help moving things in and out. My other hobbies include photography, scrap booking, reading and of course, decorating my home! My days find me in the office, painting furniture, decorating my home and when I’m lucky, shopping!
I hope you’ll follow along with me on this journey called home.