Welcome back everyone! Today I’d like to talk about my 2016 home goals.  Since the year is getting close to half over already, I’m only focusing on 2 rooms this year, the kitchen and bathroom. I went through each room and made a list of things I’d like to get done.I’m ready to tackle the bathroom!

The bathroom –  I’m really excited to work on the bathroom here. It’s a simple, builder beige bathroom with cabinets I cannot paint.  I’m stuck with the oak. At least they’re not orangey, right?!  I’m going to try a Sherwin Williams color called Sea Salt on the walls.  I’ve seen it all over the web and I’m itching to give it a try.    I want my bathroom to have a spa like feel without getting too girly.  I already have a shower curtain I love, it’s a medium gray and has sequins on it! :)  I can’t ask Chris to put up with anything else too girly since he tolerates my shower curtain so well! lol  Ok, let’s get to my list, shall we?


  1. Paint the walls
  2. Paint the door and trim in a semi-gloss white
  3. Hang a storage cabinet that I’ve had for years ( love it!! )
  4. Paint the brown storage cabinet
  5. Install open shelving
  6. Find artwork for the walls

Now let me show you some photos I found on Pinterest that I am gathering my inspiration from. You can also find them on all my Farmhouse Design board here.

This first photo is from Cherished Bliss. I’m linking straight to the post about this sign. I’m digging not only the sign DIY but also the styling on those beautiful shelves!  Isn’t it just perfect?!

I haven’t decided exactly what I’d like my sign to say yet, but I LOVE this idea and will be incorporating it somewhere in the kitchen!  Suggestions are welcome!



This next photo is a DIY by Mason Jar Crafts Love.  What a cute name!  I’ve seen several of the painted mason jars in person and they are very cute and farmhouse-y.  I can see putting utensils in them, herbs, napkins, you name it!  I haven’t decided if I want to use new mason jars and paint them out like this or use my vintage blue/green ones.  I do have 2 areas that will have open shelving so maybe I’ll use both!


This photo comes from a great post by Our Vintage Home Love.  In this pic I am enamored by her mixing of textures.  This is a continuing thing for me, obviously.  When ideas pop up over and over in photos you pin, stick by those.  They should definitely be in your home!


I hope you’ve found some inspiration today!  I enjoy sharing my ideas and thought processes with you, and will continue doing so as long as you’ll let me!!  Have a wonderful rest of your day my friends :)
Love & Hugs,


I’m in my mid 40’s, mom to one grown daughter, Katelyn, and a grandson, Dawson. He is the light of my life!! I am with the man of my dreams and he spoils me, as well as helping along with the furniture when I need help moving things in and out. My other hobbies include photography, scrap booking, reading and of course, decorating my home! My days find me in the office, painting furniture, decorating my home and when I’m lucky, shopping!
I hope you’ll follow along with me on this journey called home.