pin pop of color

Today we’re talking about adding pops of color in your home.  This is a great way to add a punch of wow to a room without going over the top with color.  You can introduce color in things as simple as pillows or as dramatic as a ceiling or lighting.  Check out these examples below. (Images are linked)

In this first photo, you can see they’ve used pillows and a small table to bring in a pop of green.  This is an especially good idea because you can change the pillow covers out whenever you’d like.  I’ve recently changed to making pillow covers instead of pillows. I’m hooked on the idea of covers being so easy to store out of season.  Who has room in their closet for pillows?! Not this chick!!

Now check out this next pic! I love what they did here and how they added that pop!!  Painting the inside of  a cabinet in a cheery color such as this turquoise makes for a happy surprise each time you open the cabinet.  Sadly I’m renting so I can’t do this but it’s on my list for when we buy a house!

I swear this next pic has me weak in the knees!  The life that the orange and blue bring to this room is stunning!  Without those pops of color it would be beautiful yes, but not alive! Are you following me here?!  Hope so.  You can take an otherwise gorgeous room  and bring it to life with color in a few places!  the “rule” is to use the color in 3 places in a room.  Notice the orange drum shades and look to the right and you will see other areas where they’ve used the orange.  It helps the eye travel around the room and makes it feel larger.  Some decorating “rules” are meant to be broken, this one brings a designer’s eye to the room.

Have you used pops of color in your home? If so, send me a pic to to be featured on the blog!!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of great color ideas for your home! If you have any questions, let me know!

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I’m in my mid 40’s, mom to one grown daughter, Katelyn, and a grandson, Dawson. He is the light of my life!! I am with the man of my dreams and he spoils me, as well as helping along with the furniture when I need help moving things in and out. My other hobbies include photography, scrap booking, reading and of course, decorating my home! My days find me in the office, painting furniture, decorating my home and when I’m lucky, shopping!
I hope you’ll follow along with me on this journey called home.