Decorating 101 – Getting Started

Welcome back everyone! Hope your week has gone well and I’m glad you’ve joined me for today’s post. :)

Now that you’ve found your decorating style, or styles I want to bring you to the next step in a room makeover.  Decorating 101 – Getting Started.  Getting started is always the hardest part for me, and maybe you too, so I decided to start at the beginning and explain to you how I go about decorating a room.  I follow certain steps but you can skip some if need be. The steps are made to work for you, much like “rules of decorating”, they were made to be broken!  You can do your room make over any way you want, in any order you want too. I just want to give you some guidelines, or inspiration, on where to start and why.

pin- getting started

The first thing to do is choose your room!  What room in your house needs a refresh, or a total overhaul?  That’s your first decision. Once you choose a room to work on, decide what big ticket things will stay, such as a couch, a bed or appliances, depending on the room you’ve picked.

The next step is a fun one!  Choose an item that you’re keeping or shop for a new one that can be an inspiration piece.  Maybe you have a printed chair you love, or your bedding, etc.  Something with colors and a style that you love.  If you don’t have anything like this it’s time to shop!  An inspiration piece could be something as simple as a pillow, bedding or wall art.  As long as it has multiple colors you could work with, anything goes.

Now we move on to choosing a paint color, something most people, myself included, hate lol  I’ve made a Pinterest board of great wall colors to get you started.  I’m focusing on light neutrals, which is what you’ll want, unless you want a dark room, like a den or bedroom.  IF dark is your style, take your inspiration piece to the paint store and find a paint that matches one of the colors.  I think most of us like the light and bright look, as it makes the room look bigger and cleaner. Well, somewhat cleaner lol  It also casts a beautiful light on our treasures!  PS.  I’ve had great luck with some  of the “popular” paint colors, like Revere Pewter, Sea Salt and the greige family. Greige is a mix of beige and grey. Greige!  If you don’t like the grey look, there are plenty of nice beiges out there to make you happy.




Here’s a great article on the 2016 Paint Colors for the Home.  It covers whites, greys and neutrals with many gorgeous photos of each!

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.  I’ve just put this in my bathroom as well and it looks more green than blue.  That’s what I’ve read about this color. Depending on the light you have in a room, it can go green or blue.  Just beware of that!  Prepare to be surprised lol

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.  I tried this color in my kitchen and it was beautiful, just too darn dark.  See there’s one little window in my kitchen, that’s all, so while i loved the color it was just not right.  I even tried having them mix it at half strength and it still just wasn’t working for me.  I since tried a 3rd color and it made my day!

November Rain by Benjamin Moore. This is the color i finally decided on for my kitchen.  It’s about half way painted right now, just have to get the top and bottom bits filled in.. I’m not good at cutting in so I save those parts for last. lol   Now this article is great because it goes over the Best Selling Benjamin Moore Greens.  Great eye candy here!

Now here are three articles about choosing paint colors.  They answer ALL your questions and even show you how to test them out!

This article from Your Nest Designs goes over everything from color theory, HOW to test your paint colors and has a great list of DO’s and DON’Ts.  Please take notice of how she tests out her colors, on poster board, not her walls!

Explaining Color Undertones by Buzzfeed is a must read article! It gets into the down and dirty business of undertones and why you need to be aware of them before you choose your paint colors.

There’s one wall we can’t forget friends, it’s the ceiling!!  This article from Apartment Therapy on Tackling the Fifth Wall is a wealth of info on choosing and color for your ceiling.  Even if you just give it a new coat of white paint, try using satin or eggshell.  That will allow the light to be bounced around the room even more.  Flat paint absorbs the light, if that makes any sense.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!

That was a LOT of information, wasn’t it?  I know.  So let me break down what we’re doing this week.

Choose a room, choose an inspiration piece (or shop for one!) and choose a wall color.  It’s not as scary as it sounds!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and have tons of inspiration and ideas floating around in your brain!!

Until next time, go forth and decorate something!


I’m in my mid 40’s, mom to one grown daughter, Katelyn, and a grandson, Dawson. He is the light of my life!! I am with the man of my dreams and he spoils me, as well as helping along with the furniture when I need help moving things in and out. My other hobbies include photography, scrap booking, reading and of course, decorating my home! My days find me in the office, painting furniture, decorating my home and when I’m lucky, shopping!
I hope you’ll follow along with me on this journey called home.