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Hey y’all !  Welcome back to my Decorating 101 series.  I hope you got some great info from my last section, Decorating 101 – Getting Started.  If you missed it I highly encourage you to start there.  In that post you will find out how to choose a paint color, how and why to choose an inspiration piece for your room, and much, much more.  Read it real quick then come right back!  ;)

Now that you have an idea of what type of room that you like, I’m going to ask you to make an inspiration or mood board.  You can make this on your computer or on a cork board, either one.  I have made one for my bathroom that’s in progress. Let me show you that.

bathroom mood board

Ok, so here’s my thought process when putting something like this together.  I knew I wanted the bathroom very neutral, with grey and white accents.  That palette allowed me to choose almost any paint color I wanted to go with. I had seen great things about Sherwin William’s Sea Salt, so I took a chance and slapped (literally slapped) some up on the wall. After it dried completely, I loved it! So that was the first item on my inspiration board, the paint color under the title.  Next you notice I have floating shelves on the board. I knew without a doubt I wanted these over the lavatory, just found a photo of them I liked and plopped it on the board also.  That’s really as easy as it is! Use pics of things you already have too, such as my shower curtain, lantern and lined baskets I just found at Target.  I also added a few accessories and how I’d like to style them.. It’s really this simple!  Start with your inspiration piece, and work from there.  Show the “feel” you want the room to have.

I found a great tutorial for putting together a mood board at Remodelaholic.  Check that out then give these next examples a good look!

I’m about to show you some examples of inspiration boards.  Most are done a bit differently but they all convey the look and feel of a room to come.  If you have any questions about making a board, please let me know!  Now on to the eye candy :)


Be sure to pop on over to my Pinterest board, Mood Boards, for more eye candy!  There are examples of all types there and I’m sure you’ll find ideas for your own board!

Come back next week, when we’ll talk about the Layers of Design!

Until then, go forth and decorate something.

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