Welcome back my friends!  Today I’d like to give you a little update on my bathroom progress here in the rental. If you forgot where we are, you can check out the last posts here and here.

Now that you’ve been reminded of the before photos, let me show you some “in progress” pics.  I’ve got 4 areas going on to pretty up here…. the left wall, the vanity top, over the toilet and the right hand wall.  The left wall is up first with a lovely coat of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.  It’s said that this color can go blue or green depending on the light. I think it’s more green in my room and I’m very happy with it.  Sea Salt for the win!!!

Next in line would be the vanity top, had I decorated it AT ALL but alas, it’s gotten no love.  Moving right along to the area over the toilet.  This spot has gotten some traction ladies and gentlemen!!  I ordered these driftwood floating shelves from Lowe’s.  Of course they only had one at the store so after a long trip around the country for whatever reason , the second shelf arrived. In one piece even.  I was going to go with three shelves in this area but the boyfriend reminded me if I put one too low he’d be knocking his head on it so we went with two. Darn him for always being right!!  He was a sweetheart and whipped these shelves right into place when I asked him, tho, as he always does. Gotta love that man!  So here are the photos and my beginning attempts at styling the shelves.

Let me give you some sources now.  The floating shelves, as I said, are from Lowe’s.  The metal baskets are from Target. I painted them with Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze myself.  The shower curtain is from Amazon.  The boxwood and “things” jar are both from WalMart, believe it or not!


I’m in my mid 40’s, mom to one grown daughter, Katelyn, and a grandson, Dawson. He is the light of my life!! I am with the man of my dreams and he spoils me, as well as helping along with the furniture when I need help moving things in and out. My other hobbies include photography, scrap booking, reading and of course, decorating my home! My days find me in the office, painting furniture, decorating my home and when I’m lucky, shopping!
I hope you’ll follow along with me on this journey called home.