$20 Antique China Cabinet

Paisley Ikat Dining Chair

Yes, you read that right. It was only twenty bucks at a yard sale!  If you’ll take a peek at the before picture, you’ll understand why it was only twenty bucks.  I know it’s hard to tell in the photo, but the one leg was broken off, it had been left out in the rain, and the veneer was peeling off.  Holy moley!  What a project this was my friends!  First thing that was done to this cabinet was to remove the doors and repair all the bits and pieces.  This took me DAYS to put back together!  Then I went after it with the sander, with a rough grit paper, until all that old varnish was off and I could see real wood.  I then gave it two good coats of a creme paint I had and painted the back of the shelves in a gorgeous blue color. (My bookcase at home is painted the exact same way!)  Next, I used a dark glaze over the entire thing, bringing the colors out and highlighting the character of the piece.  I was happy with the way it came out! Now it has a brand new life in someone’s home.  That’s what I’m all about!


The Ugly Before

Before Paisley Ikat Dining Chair

Finished Project

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