Blue and Copper Dresser

Paisley Ikat Dining Chair

Here is another piece in bad shape y’all. I got this one at auction for a little bit of nothing!  Gotta love a good auction!! lol  So once I got it home ,  I cleaned it thoroughly before anything else.  Then I sanded the whole dresser down with a rough grit sandpaper.  Wipe the dust off with a tack cloth. Now it’s time to apply the paint.  I chose a Sherwin Williams color I had specially mixed for this job.  It’s a bright royal blue but I know it will tone down some once it’s dry, so we’re going for it!  I applied two coats of the blue paint, let it dry thoroughly then sanded again with the high grit sandpaper.  Then  I wrapped my rough grit sandpaper around a scrap piece of wood and start beating on the corners of the piece! lol  beating is exactly what i do but it takes a while to get into the groove.  Distress the edges of the drawers, dresser and under where the handles go….all the spots that would have experienced wear and tear.  Now that the distressing is finished, wipe down with a wet cloth one more time, barely moist I should say.  Now you want to add  a layer of polyacrylic for protection.  Spray paint the handles, I used copper.  Add them back onto your drawers and there ya have it y’all!



The Ugly Before

Before Paisley Ikat Dining Chair

Finished Project

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