Black Dining Chairs with Blue and White Ticking Seats

Paisley Ikat Dining Chair

I’m so excited to share this project with you!  It’s fairly simple but the results can be as dramatic or soothing as you choose! Let’s get to it.  First off, I evidently forgot to snap a before photo.  This was a set of chairs a customer brought in.  She said she wanted them black, traditional but vintage looking… I suggested this finish and fabric and she loved it, so off I ran!  I took the seats off the chairs first off, set the screws aside so I wouldn’t lose them then started the prep work on the chair.  Instead of sanding I used deglosser on the chairs.  It’s easier for me the get into little nooks and crannies and all of these pieces definitely have those!  Once I finished applying the deglosser, I broke out the black paint and gave the chairs a healthy coat.  Be sure you’re watching on both sides of the chair because as you’re painting one side you might get dribbles down the other side. Just keep your eyes open.  Once the paint had dried, I distressed them with rough grit sandpaper. I added a coat of polyurethane to top it all off…..  I then recovered the seat with the new fabric (there will be a tutorial for that soon) reattached the seats to the chairs and there ya go!


The Ugly Before

Finished Project

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